For over 40 years, Structured Management Systems, Inc. has been committed to providing our clients with “open” applications.

Since 1976, Structured Management Systems, Inc. (SMS) has been in the business of providing these “open” applications to companies within the petroleum, convenience store, service and energy industries. Our goal is to contribute to our clients’ success by creating superior and innovative accounting software and back office solutions . We then stand behind our products with a level of service and support second to none.


Our close relationship with our database partner, Progress Software Corporation, allows us this flexibility by supporting Linux(in the cloud or in-house), Solaris, HP-UX Itanium and IBM AIX. Using Progress’s web service support, SMS can offer access to the complete business logic of the system. This can be used to interface with other 3rd party vendors or to allow your staff to develop their own user interfaces using the development tool of their choice.

Progress also supports SQL, XML and ODBC standards. This allows our EnergyElite applications to run on any “open” hardware platform or operating system. SMS even offers EnergyElite source code to take advantage of your company’s development staff capabilities.

SMS has made sure that every application within our EnergyElite product line of back office solutions can be fully customized to each of our client’s exact needs. We will never tie you down because only you know what works best for your organization. Structured Management Systems, Inc. currently serves customers across the United States with the capability of supporting anyone, anywhere.

What industries do we serve? We developed the core products of  EnergyElite to be adaptable to just about any industry, but our complete back office software suite is ideal for the following industries.

  • Petroleum – the Oil and Gas Industry
  • Convenience Store Industry
  • Home Heat and Propane Gas Industry
  • Service Industry – HVAC, Plumbing and Electrical
  • Energy – Electricity Providers

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