The SMS EnergyElite Customer Portal is designed to plug in to your company website and offer your customers access to their accounts anytime of the day, seven days a week.

EnergyElite Customer Portal Module Highlights

  • Plugs into your current company website
  • Interfaces with the entire SMS EnergyElite back office system
  • Customized design focused on elevating your customer service
  • Allows customers to pay their bill and request a delivery 24/7
  • Customer payments are posted real-time
  • Your customers have access to their account history to include deliveries and payments
  • Customers can print payment receipts and delivery invoices
  • Automatically generates an email to the customer to confirm payments
  • The company maintains control over delivery scheduling
  • Automated email generation to dispatch to notify company of a delivery request


Your customers will have access to their accounts 24/7

Today, more and more consumers have expectations of on-demand service, regardless the day or time. SMS and our partner Silverline Solutions have created the EnergyElite Customer Portal so your customers can now make a payment and even schedule a delivery from any device, at any time of the day or night. This creates convenience for your customer and adds up to tremendous cost savings for your business.


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