Inventory Management Highlights

  • Autoload and import stick and meter reading price from location equipment
  • Automatic tank reconciliation referencing meter readings, stick readings, sales, purchases, transfers, adjustments, etc.
  • Inventory sites can include terminals, bulk plants, cardlocks and convenience stores, as well as transport vehicles
  • Flexible costing at each inventoried location for each inventoried product
  • Company-owned terminals can be setup as points-of-pickup in bill of lading input for automatic inventory reduction.
  • Inventory reconciliation on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis
  • Serialized tanks
  • Provisions for blending on purchases and sales
  • Inter and Intra-Company Transfers between any inventory locations
  • Vendor Fuel Contract Tracking

Bulk plants, terminals, convenience stores, cardlocks, consignment accounts, trucks…all inventory locations.

The EnergyElite Inventory Management System translates into tracking, from an accounting and physical perspective, of all products, at each of these discrete locations on daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Facilitating all aspects of inventory management that include the integration of meter readings, stick readings, inter-company transfers, as well as inventory adjustments, our system gives the user innovative tools for explicit reconciliation and management of inventory as it moves from the point-of-pickup to the customer.

With electronic interfaces to multiple third party on-board systems, the SMS 4GL solution allows the user to integrate other industry technology to tap into real-time inventory information without data entry or duplicate manual input.

Giving the user the tools to spend more time analyzing and less time with manual data entry means providing solutions not just features. A complete component of the core General Ledger, the accounting of inventory variances, cost, and valuation are seamless and effortless.

Inventory Management Reporting Features:

  • Tank Reconciliation Report
  • Liquid Product Daily Reconciliation Report
  • Product Activity Register
  • Fuel Purchases Journal
  • Vendor Purchase Analysis
  • Inventory Comparison Report
  • Transfer Receipt Report
  • Inventory Evaluation Report
  • Inventory Purchases by Source
  • EPA Tank Report
  • Inventory by Location
  • Vendor Contract Fulfillment Report
  • Outstanding Bill of Lading Register


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