Accounts Receivable Highlights

  • A single receivable system across all products and services
  • Centralized customer service with immediate access to credit, financial and transaction history, open invoices, credit notes, as well as tank and delivery information
  • Customer balance methods that are open item or balance forward
  • Detailed customer transaction histories
  • High-speed cash data entry screens
  • Account lookup by name, address, or telephone number
  • Flexible aging that can separate budget from non-budget items
  • Aging at the product/tank level
  • Customer notes system for free form comments
  • Customized invoices and statements
  • User-defined credit system and credit limits
  • Custom Dunning Letters, Post Cards, and Labels
  • Recurring receivables with one-time entry
  • Deferred Taxes
  • Associated products (Automatic product linking)

No business that extends credit can afford to lose control of its accounts receivable.

Our solution is to simplify the process. Instead of receivables spread across product lines, the EnergyElite Accounts Receivable Module allows for a single A/R record, regardless of the customer’s location or product mix.

The EnergyElite A/R module has given the industries we serve centralized customer service that is global to all the SMS modules.

With a single A/R, all types of customers can be accommodated with one receivable system. There’s even an advanced global credit module for all customers, even customers that cross-over product boundaries. Regardless of the combinations, only one customer record is necessary.

From high-speed input screens to flexible aging, finance charge calculations and deferred taxes, the EnergyElite A/R module provides you with choices.

You can define your own account types, trade classes, and credit  rules. With real-time posting, the credit manager or customer service representative can make quick and accurate decisions with regard to credit regardless of products. And with no software limitations on historical A/R information, management has access to a host of information.

Accounts Receivable Reporting:

  • Current A/R Register
  • Aged Trial Balance
  • Customer Transaction Journal
  • Delivery Credit Analysis
  • Fuel Assistance Report
  • Un-Aged A/R Register
  • Customer Balance Report
  • Customer Aged Analysis Report
  • Age Report by Route
  • Inactive Customer List
  • Customer Deposit Journal

State Road Tax Electronic Uploads

  • ability to interface with the State Taxing Authority for Distributions & Receipts


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