Home Heat & Propane Module Highlights

Home Heat & Propane A/R

  • Open Item
  • User-defined credit rules
  • Customer Budgets
  • Energy Assistance
  • PreBuy Agreements
  • Unlimited Transaction History
  • Flexible Finance Charge computation
  • Dunning Letters/ Postcards /Labels
  • Customized Statements / Invoices
  • Variable Invoice Aging (due and invoice date)

Home Heat & Propane Delivery

  • Dispatching
  • Route Accounting
  • Degree Day Accounting
  • Non Degree Day Scheduling
  • K-factor performance analysis
  • Real-time Ticket credit approval
  • Driver / Truck Analysis
  • Vertrax routing interface
  • Customized Delivery Tickets
  • Inventory Costing / Reconciliation
  • Multiple products / tanks per delivery location

Home Heat & Propane Service

  • Alternate ‘bill-to’ between landlord and tenant
  • Multiple Service Agreements per Service Location
  • Parts Inventory by warehouse and van
  • Real-time Work Order status
  • Unlimited history detailing labor, parts used, service agreements and invoices, trip charges, etc.
  • Automatic Service Agreement renewal and pre-renewal review
  • Flat Rate Pricing
  • Automatic Event-Scheduling for Cleanings and user-defined special services

When servicing Home Heat & Propane accounts, customer service reps need to access a variety of information ranging from degree day, tank information and credit to performed work.

The EnergyElite Home Heat & Propane module provides the tools to offer your customers centralized service as well as a ‘SINGLE’ customer receivable. A great example of this flexibility comes into play when servicing an account that buys more than just home heat services. This could include other products or services such as motor fuel products or lubes.

EnergyElite’s Home Heat & Propane Module translates into a global accounts receivable where a CSR is able to quickly answer questions or make decision with regard to a customer’s credit, past and future automatic fill and will call delivery information, pricing, customer budget inquiries, fuel assistance and service.

With the unique design of the relationship between the customer and its ‘ship-to address’, the EnergyElite Home Heat & Propane Module provides for unlimited ship-to addresses with unlimited tanks and service units, with the ability to track tanks and cylinders from cradle to grave, even serialized tanks/ meters tracking is available.

This unique and easy to use application design also keeps all delivery and service work history with the ship-to address itself, regardless of ownership or occupancy, giving the marketing department analysis on each ‘serviced address’ as well as access to continuous degree day, k-factor information, and service work.

Home Heat & Propane Reporting Features:

  • Delivery Credit Analysis
  • Tank Turn
  • Degree Day
  • Non Degree Day Scheduling
  • Fuel Assistance
  • Pre Buy Agreements
  • Budget…Projection
  • Budget Coupons (if applicable)
  • Driver Deliveries
  • Tank / Meter / Security Deposit Tracking
  • Delivery Sales Analysis
  • Inactive Customers
  • Past Due Deliveries
  • Delivery Projections
  • K-Factor Deviation
  • Outstanding Work Orders
  • Service Plan Pre-Renewal
  • Service Plan Renewal Billing

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