Cardlock and Credit Card Highlights


  • Fully functional Card, driver and vehicle control to include limits on products, day/time of use, unit and dollar limits.
  • Provides the ability to import from an unlimited number of networks.
  • Full integration into Accounts Receivable
  • Accounting controls in place for data imports for unbilled transactions (the control account)
  • Allows for flexible billing cycles by customer Credit Cards
  • Electronic Interface to DTN Credit Card reimbursements with reconciliation tools
  • Tracking of customer and store POS identification
  • Provisions for POS and Manual credit card transactions
  • Ability to post credit card transactions, both POS and Manual, as payments from customers in payment application screen
  • Full integration to the General Ledger
  • Ability to track miscellaneous credit card transactions



The EnergyElite Cardlock Module provides for unlimited pricing options which include rack plus, OPIS, SCPC, retail plus or minus and volume discounts. There is also price flexibility by customer, by cardlock site, and

The Cardlock Module provides unlimited special pricing to your customers by creating your own margins and price levels. In addition, customers can handle fixed or contract pricing and “group” volume discounts.

Credit Cards

If your business mixture includes servicing dealer accounts, consignment customers, or operating convenience stores, you know well the complexity involved in accepting and reconciling credit card transactions, specifically oil company credit cards that are presented to you as payment or appear on daily store report from the convenience store. And of course, the higher the volume, the more critical it is have the tools to maintain tight reconciliation between you, the customer, your store, and the oil company vendor. Seeing the need for an application to assist the petroleum marketer in handling their credit cards, SMS has developed a Credit Card system to streamline and automate credit card reconciliation. With the ability to track the POS identification for each customer or convenience store, SMS was able to develop the electronic interface to DTN to import credit card reimbursements that facilitate the match up between the customer payment or the store report.

With seamless integration to the General Ledger, the EnergyElite Credit Card module reduces expensive manual reconciliation time and helps the user find any problems quickly without having to wade through huge amounts of data. SMS makes provisions for not only the POS transactions, but also provides for manual credit card transactions that have specific characteristics and need to be tracked separately.

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