Supply & Distribution Module Highlights

  • Customer billing from Bill Of Lading (BOL)
  • Split Load’s with Split Pick Up’s
  • Freight Rate (Tariffs)
  • Company Truck, Common Carrier, Customer Pickup
  • Interface with DTN Rack Prices & Credit Card Reimbursements
  • Drops : Bulk Storage, Consignment, Direct, C-Store & Company Operated Terminals (COT) provide for proper costing, Inventory Control and Billing (as applicable)
  • Cross Dumping of Product
  • User -Defined Blending on Sales / Purchases (Splash-Blend)
  • Product delivery based on throughput balances and specified contracts
  • Pricing to customer with: base price, rack plus and cost plus scenarios including freight, cash discounts, temporary volume allowances (TVA), drop charges and ancillary delivery charges
  • Integration with EnergyElite GL Module
  • Terminal Automation System Interfaces (where applicable)
  • Track Volumes for Fiscal Analysis

Whether it’s delivery from company owned terminals, bulk plants, or from the fuel vendors rack…whether it’s hauled by company transport or common carrier, the EnergyElite Supply & Distribution module covers all wholesales transactions.

This includes activity generated by the purchase all the way through to the sale.

Freight calculations and electronic interfaces to DTN as well as automated customer billing from the bill of lading input make it fast and easy to track and report transactions.

The Supply & Distribution module was developed directly from the petroleum wholesaler’s perspective.

With the EnergyElite Supply & Distribution Module, customers have the ability to handle the complete range of petroleum accounting transactions.

This includes FIFO/LIFO recosting with terminal accounting, tracking pipeline charges, demurrage, and other applicable Wholesale related fees. SMS integrates a philosophy of providing powerful and timely information with as little data entry as possible.

From a management perspective, EnergyElite takes the standard practices of wholesale accounting and inventory to a new level of innovation and profitable solutions…solutions that make an operational and business difference.

Supply & Distribution Reporting Features:

  • Terminal FIFO/LIFO Costing and Profitability Analysis
  • Product Activity
  • Customer Transactions
  • Customer/Salesman Sales Analysis
  • Best Price Reporting (by area)
  • Vendor Contract Fulfillment
  • Product Sales Analysis
  • Customer Variable Aging
  • Custom Reports using PROGRESS (4GL) tools

EnergyElite Supply & Distribution Brochure

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