EnergyElite C-Store Highlights

C-Store Features

  • Fully integrated with EnergyElite core products
  • Thin client per site
  • Easy to use
  • Real time operations (no “out-of-synch” database issues)
  • Reduced cost for maintenance & support
  • Operates over ISDN, Frame-Relay or Direct Dial-up
  • No In-Store backups or database synchs
  • Screen and report customization available
  • Interfaces—Ruby, McLain, XML and CustomPricebook Features
  • Can be partially or gradually implemented
  • Pricebook consulting services available
  • No “out-of-synch” database issues
  • Ruby interface for scanning, McLain Distribution Interface
  • “Live” data automatically transferred
  • C-Stores can be cloned to speed setup process

With so much concentration at the store / station level, SMS has now given the industry a sophisticated, fiscally strong corporate office system for the convenience store industry.

With an emphasis on accounting control, the EnergyElite system covers the home convenience store operation from top to bottom including price book, store purchasing and inventory, over/short reporting, markups & markdowns as well as costing and sales analysis.

With Fast Food and Deli within your stores, SMS now has tools for the home office to accurately track inventory, purchases, and margin analysis with these specialized sectors.

From the corporate perspective, SMS supports management analysis of convenience store profitability that can aide in detecting trends, evaluate gross profitability by locations and products, rate marketing strategies, and gives access to all database information for each company to analyze data in any format they wish, limited only by ones imagination.

Other C-Store Features:

  • Meter & Stick Readings are tracked and used for tank reconciliation with required entries posted to the corporate fiscal ledger
  • Shift Reports by store with automated balancing by shift, register, and employee
  • Analyze liquid product sales by tank, island, or dispenser
  • Inventory C-Store items at cost & retail
  • Fast Food and Deli inventory & costing
  • Price Book with automated creation of markups, markdowns and specials
  • Generate on-demand hard copies of screen-based information

Convenience Store Reporting:

  • Daily Inventory
  • Product Sales Analysis
  • Shift Reports by: Store by: Day
  • Tank Reconciliation
  • Daily Liquid Product Reconciliation
  • C-Store Inventory Reconciliation
  • Product Activity
  • 13-Week Analysis
  • Inventory Evaluation
  • Inventory Purchases
  • Purchase Product Mix
  • EPA Tanks Analysis
  • Fast Food and Deli Inventory Report

EnergyElite C-Store Brochure

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