General Ledger & Accounts Payable Highlights

General Ledger

  • Provides full integration to all EnergyElite modules
  • Supports multiple companies.
  • Allow for 9,999 profit and cost centers (PCC’s) per company.
  • Direct post to an unlimited number of open periods
  • Post to prior closed periods at a single point
  • Post standard journal entries
  • Allow each company to have the same or different chart of accounts
  • Maintain account balances on a “net change” basis – Balance is automatically updated with current information.
  • Display up to 52 periods Accounts Payable
  • Vendor purchase and invoice history windowing, drilling down to the general ledger distribution
  • Match up Bill of Lading with all rack prices, taxes, TVAs, and freight and automatic general ledger routing
  • Match up freight invoices from 3rd party haulers
  • Correct Bill of Lading components, such as the rack price, at the time of Accounts  Payable with automatic re-costing procedures
  • Vendor EFT
  • Differed Taxes
  • Allocation groups by brand or PCC

General Ledger

The core module of EnergyElite, the General Ledger module, shows in its every function that financial professionals developed it.

Developed specifically for the industries we serve, the EnergyElite General Ledger offers Profit/Loss Statements, balance sheets, income statements – all for your company as a whole, or by location. Along with these come a host of fiscal reports.

Superb audit trails make an outside auditor’s job easy. As for posting, complete integration with other modules means you only enter figures once.

The information you display or print for distribution are timely. As for the information itself, a powerful, built-in customizing capability allows you to view it virtually anyway you like it.

General Ledger Reporting Features:

  • Tank Reconciliation Report
  • Account History with Budgets
  • Account Comparison – 2 Year History
  • General Ledger Update – Detail Journal
  • Detail Trial Balance
  • Summary Trial Balance
  • Consolidated Trial Balance
  • Account Detail by Period (by PCC)
  • Budget Summary Comparison
  • Annual Budget Report

EnergyElite General Ledger Brochure

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Accounts Payable

Designed specifically for the industries we serve, the EnergyElite Accounts Payable module provides excellent flexibility in vendor invoicing.

All history associated with payment, including inquiry into checks, invoices, and general ledger distribution can be viewed on-line. Any type of vendor can be handled including vendors invoiced for bills of lading, freight, lubes, as well as c-store items.

What’s more, the EnergyElite Accounts Payable system allows for all the associated variables such as handwritten checks, recurring payables, and even protects against double-paying an invoice.

Seamless integration with the General Ledger means that your financial information stays current with any Accounts Payable change as well as flexible General Ledger routing of items like vendor cash discounts.


Accounts Payable Reporting Features:

  • Vendor Directory
  • Voucher Register
  • Monthly Check Register
  • Check Reconciliation Report
  • Disbursements Journal
  • Due and Unpaid Report
  • Cash Requirements Report
  • Outstanding Bill of Lading Register
  • Outstanding Freight Register
  • Vendor Purchase Analysis
  • Vendor Paid Out Listing

EnergyElite Account Payable Brochure

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